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Fake cops rob Taiwanese national

Ladyville police are investigating a home invasion which occurred last week Thursday in Ladyville Village. Taiwanese National Liang Gee Fong told police that two persons dressed in police uniform presented themselves at his front door and informed him that they were there to conduct a house search. Fong let the fake cops in and as a result he was robbed. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino spoke of the incident.

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City:He reported at 8:50 on that same day, two individuals arrived at his home.  They were dressed in what appeared to be Police Uniform, this would be the number one dress for Police Officers. The individuals indicated to him that they will be searching his home for firearm and ammunition, as a result he unlocked his residence or his door and let the two individuals in. Whilst in there, they subdued him and tied him up and proceeded to search the residence. They made off with cellular phones and $5000 in US currency and an additional $10,000 in Belize Currency, the investigation is ongoing as we speak, no one has been detained in regard to this incident. we had a similar report someone appeared to be dressed in Police Uniform and using that to enter the residence. At this point there is an intense investigation on going by the Ladyville Police to look into this matter. I know there has been several house searches done from known persons, known criminals in that area and the investigation continues.  If you have any doubt, most majority or the entire Police Department have a Police ID Card that is assigned to them. If there is any doubt then that could be another measure that you could ask for the Police ID and that should be available and be readily available to provide any individual that asks for it.”

The perpetrators were on motorcycle.