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Familiarization tour at the Civil Aviation facilities

Minister of Civil Aviation Andre Perez along with his Chief Executive Officer Kennedy Carrillo have spent the last week touring various facilities including the Air Traffic Control Tower at the PGIA.  Love News spoke with CEO Carrillo who gave us a briefing on their familiarization tour.

Kennedy Carrillo, CEO, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Kennedy Carrillo, CEO, Ministry of Civil Aviation:Under the leadership of our minister Andre Perez who has a vision of propelling Belize aviation and tourism closer to the international spotlight and arena I think this is a good take off point for us and I want to say that we have been engaged in a process of assessing the present situation at Civil Aviation as you had asked me before in terms of the tower, all our air traffic control persons, we have been speaking to them personally to learn about their challenges and as we move forward we know that there needs to be in place new legislation and policies and regulations that have been missing we need to look at that but also importantly looking at prioritizing the human resources. We have to ensure that the adequate number of persons are trained and that everything that is needed for these persons in these very critical positions especially those in air traffic control are addressed as a priority and we are on top of that already I can assure everyone of that.”

CEO Carrillo says the concerns expressed by workers have to do with the lack of human resources.

Kennedy Carrillo, CEO, Ministry of Civil Aviation: The Civil Aviation Department to meet with the key personnel there as well as to visit the air traffic control room and had an opportunity to speak with the air traffic controllers there to listen to some of their concerns and there have been concerns and we have ensured that we make note of these and we have started to act on especially the human resource aspect as well as training opportunities. We know there have been some delays due to lack of flights to El Salvador where they would normally go and participate in these trainings with COCESNA but we’re looking how to get around that and yes we also visited the Philip Goldson International Airport and we met with the guys up in the tower and very excited to see so many young persons committed even though we do not have as many flights at this moment we do know that the numbers will increase in the coming months and we’re also looking at this particular situation to ensure that we do not run into a situation where these persons are under a lot of stress because we do not have a lot of human resource. All of this is a situation we met and together with Minister Perez this is being prioritized.”