Families of Accused Murderers Protest Amid Charges

Families of Accused Murderers Protest Amid Charges

While police believe they have the right men, their families are saying otherwise as they believe the men are being wrongfully accused. The families of Hugh Middleton and Marlon Gideon claim the men are innocent and say they have evidence to prove that they could not have carried out the shooting. Middleton’s common-law-wife, Jenny-lee Middleton, says the accused gunman was recently released from prison after beating a murder charge. She told our newsroom that the family believes Middleton was the one who handed himself in to the police to avoid any speculations, but he still was fingered as the killer. 

Jenny-Lee Middleton, Middleton’s Common-Law Wife: “I know for a fact that he didn’t do it. He was with me when the incident occurred. I feel that the police department have something against him because he just won a murder case. So anything that if anything should happen in Roaring Creek I know that the police would want to pick him up because of his background. He came out and he wanted to better for his family, his kids. He has three kids, two going to school. He came out on March the 18th and he was spending time with us and when the incident happened that the police officer got killed I told him I said, “you know you don’t have to do nothing and you know police will want to pick you up for this, right?” And then he said “no, don’t say that.” I told him but “that’s what police they want to do because they have something personal against you.” And the day before he turned himself in the police did not go and look for him or picked him up. He voluntarily went in because he had a conversation with _________ and _______told him just to come in, he said “we’ll just ask you some questions, do an investigation and you will be out in two days.” And he didn’t want to go in because it was the Easter holiday that was coming and he said he wanted to spend time with his family because he knew how the police go. So I tell him,
“well -” he asked me what he’s supposed to do. I told him, “just do what your mom wants you to do that.” that is what I told him and that’s how he said “alright I’ll go in but in two days I will come out.” So he already had his mind set to what Mr. ______ told him that he was only going to be there for two days and they would release him. So he went in didn’t know that they were cooking up something to charge him.”

Gideon’s family is also claiming their loved one is not guilty. His mother, Jacqueline Mendez, spoke to Love News and explained why she believes her son could not have played a role in the murder of PC Dylan Anthony.

Jacqueline Mendez, Gideon’s Mother: “I know Chester feels like he has the two persons who killed the policeman, but I know in my heart, I know they those children are innocent but the real person that did it are out here. And it’s not fair. Mr.Chester has to do his job. You can’t be sending innocent people to jail. My son grew up with the person that they are claiming to say they wanted to kill. My son in the house ________ that was the person that they claim to say that they wanted to kill. My son grew up with that young man. He partly raised my son. You will tell me if my son wanted to kill him he would have done it a long time ago. He was right here at this lady’s house when the murder happened.”

Reporter: So why do you feel like they are wrongly accusing your son of doing this ? Do you think they’re targeting your son? 

Jacqueline Mendez, Gideon’s Mother: “I think they targeted my son because my son always, he liked being on cycle, he has a big mouth. He likes to talk and thing but that doesn’t mean that because you like to talk and be on cycle that means you are a murderer. You can’t accuse somebody – this is a big thing for you to say somebody murdered somebody. That is like he is sending my son, my son is only 19-years-old. Yes I feel for the people that lost their son but at the same time you can’t just pick up anybody and say they killed. Yes my son has run ins with police but not for murder, for like he goes about and touches thing or takes things but not for killing anybody. Anybody can tell you who knows my son he is not – he likes to mess with people, he is somebody that likes to talk. He is a talker but to pull a trigger ? No.”

Notably, in 2021, Middleton was charged with the murder of Clifford Hyde and the attempted murder of 18-year-old Anya Galvez. He was recently acquitted of the matter and was released from prison on March 18, 2024.

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