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Families of Murder Victims Wary of Police

As the murder count in Belize City continues to grow, the families of those affected are also growing less trusting of the police department. As we reported earlier, the mother of Saquan Almendarez said that her son had reported the threats he was receiving but authorities did nothing in response except to taunt him. But that wasn’t all. Almendarez adds that the GSU taunted Shaquan about his brother’s murder and now, following his death, she has lost confidence in the department.

Mother of Saquan Almendarez

“The little boy that killed my son the GSU came here and told Tallah “Bwai we mi gat this bally hold but we let him go.” They knew who they had held and they came to boast that they let him go. “Because he mi di preach a lota fool deh so we had to let him go.” that is what the GSU came to tell my son. My son asked “Why unu come tell me that for? You are making me get heated. I don’t want to hear those things because you are the ones that are bringing it here are the same one that are going to go back to tell the Fish what is going on.” So the same police man they are not protecting you, they are the ones that are bringing the news and the ones that are taking back the news. I don’t have any confidence in them, I’ll tell you outright. I have no confidence in the police, if Chester can come in front of me right now and tell me to have confidence in our department I will tell him what I am telling you, that there is no confidence in that because I have none because I stood up on my veranda and I heard the GSU tell my son and I heard what the police told my son.”

Almendarez is not alone in that stance. As we spoke with Sydney Lamb’s aunt today, she also expressed the same sentiment.

Sydney Lamb’s Aunt

“One thing I have to say and I want to say it to the Prime Minister and I’m saying it to all the leaders, they have to do their jobs and do their jobs properly because right now they are failing all of us. They are failing and all of our children are falling one after the other and you go to the station no one wants to talk because this person is afraid and that one is afraid so we will continue to die like this. We will continue to die because this is not going to stop. We will die and someone will peep through their window and see and won’t be able to say anything. You know how many brothers I have that have died, not gunshot but killed and gone and nothing has come out of it. So we are not looking for anything to come out of this. They need to get out here and do their job, they need to bring back Chester and everybody needs to get up and stand up to make them bring back Chester because when he was here things were happening but not like this. As Chester left everyone started to drop like pigeon because so many murders are out there and they can’t solve any, not one yet.”