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Family of accused robber says police are denying him proper medical attention

Tonight, the family of one of the accused robbers who assaulted and took cash from money exchangers at the Santa Elena border in Corozal is calling on the police to provide one of the detained perpretators with proper medical attention. Late this afternoon, Mansfield Phillips, uncle to 24-year-old, Randolph Crawford told our newsroom that his nephew is detained at the Corozal police station with at least five bullets still lodged in his body. He spoke with us via telephone.

Mansfield Phillips Uncle Randolph Crawford: “He is currently at this moments which is 4pm 1st of March still sitting inside the Corozal Police station with the bullet still in his body. They took him from the scene yesterday and he was transported to Corozal Hospital where sometime later on he was transported to the Orange Walk Town Hospital and he was transferred back to Corozal Police Station where he still is at the moment. As we speak he is complaining that his feet are very heavy and of course he won’t be able to move them because three bullets in one leg and two in the knee who will be able to move.”

Dalila Ical: “Have you spoken to him?”

Mansfield Phillips Uncle Randolph Crawford: “No I haven’t but my sister his mother did and she was told by the Corporal that they are not even allowed to get clothes nor food or nothing if it is not authorized by the Commissioner. I don’t know why that is and he is still there with no shirt or anything, still hasn’t been able to use the bathroom and like I said he cannot move because he has two bullets in the left knee and three in the right leg.”

We contacted the police department on the allegations. Commissioner of police Chester Williams responded to one part saying and we quote, “The Commissioner does not dictate whether or not a prisoner in custody should receive water and or food. It would be insane to do so,” unquote. As to the allegation of denying Crawford proper medical attention, the Police Department officials did not respond to our query before six o’clock this evening.