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Family of Adamir Choc continue their search

19-year-old Adamir Choc remains missing at this time.  The young woman was last seen getting into an SUV outside E & L Bar in Belmopan.  Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz is following this story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love FM News: The search for 19 year old Adamir Choc, a past student of Belmopan Comprehensive High School and a resident of San Martin Belmopan continues. Love News caught up with the family in the Riviera area and spoke to one of the search party’s members. 
Tyrone Nunez, Member of search party: “My name is Tyrone Nunez, we’re out here with one of the search teams, most of us are from the Department of Youth Services. We have been looking for the young lady that has been missing since Saturday morning. It’s been six days now since the body has been missing and we’re out here by the George Price Highway looking for the body by Caribbean Investors Limited. We’re dispatching teams around the area where we think the body might have been hidden and so far we haven’t found anything as yet. We would like to make an appeal on behalf of the family as well if there is anyone out there that could assist with finding this young woman the help would be very nice. We’re trying our best to see what we can do to help the family and if there are any other supporters out there that would be interested in joining us this is a chance for you to get involved with it as well.”