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Family Appeals for Closure Following Death of Dain Dawson

Virginia Escalante is the mother 33-year-old, Dain Dawson whose body was found in the river near Manatee Lookout in Ladyville Village, Belize District on Thursday, January 19.  The family was unable to plan a proper burial for Dawson since the authorities had done so due to the body’s state of decomposition.  Fast forward three weeks later and the family is still waiting to get a copy of Dawson’s death certificate.  Love News spoke with Escalante who expressed her frustration at the authorities.


“I was going up and down the police stations for three weeks now I was just going to go there this morning to ask them because I couldn’t get it.  When they gave me the forms I went to the hospital and I said okay I brought it back to Mr.Henry and he told me that I needed to take it to the doctor and the doctor asked me certain questions. I answered I am an honest person. Even at the police station the police asked me if he had any kind of sickness. I told them that I remembered a year or so ago he got a little fits from when he was drinking and he wasn’t eating. The doctor asked me the same thing and I told him that my son didn’t have any kind of seizure. When they put it in the second paper they twisted my words and the first paper that came out it said that my son died from drowning. When the paper came out the second time they put that my son died from fits so they twisted around my words and I’ve been up and down.”

Aside from changing the cause of Dawson’s death, Escalante says they are now asking the family to pay nine thousand dollars for DNA tests despite the fact that she has already identified the body as that of her son, Dain.


“The police and me and my son went back to the hospital. Later on now the doctor said that they need to take three DNA they swabbed my mouth, my son and the father. When I went back to the station, Mr.Henry said that we would have to send out the test but he told me, because he was talking to another man in the office, he asked why they were pushing my because I already identified that it was my son. They took out a tooth from my son’s mouth and they took a bone out of him and also they told me that for the DNA it would cost each one of us $3,000. Where am I going to get that money to pay for the DNA test ? I am a poor mother. I have been up and down and now they are pushing me around and now I can’t get the death certificate. So we deserve to know what is going on. To me I think they have something to hide in my son’s death because by right they should not have buried my son without anyone from the family and I am telling you that this is really hurting. This is really hurting.”

Our newsroom has called Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster to get a better insight on the situation but our calls went unanswered.  After airing the story on our twelve thirty news today, the family informed us that the police from Ladyville had contacted them telling them that the death certificate is now ready.