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Family is Camalote loses home to fire

A Church pastor and his family in Camalote Village, Cayo District are currently dealing with the aftermath of a fire that completely destroyed their home. Our Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz, spoke to a member of the family shortly after the fire.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent : A family of five from the village of Camalote here in the Cayo district are homeless tonight after their home measuring 30×20 feet was engulfed in flames. Love News spoke to Floyd Neal, the owner of the house, some ten minutes after the fire started.
Floyd Neal, Home Owner: “Roughly about 3:15 – 3:30 so I received a call from my wife, she and our son were downstairs in the yard as usual in the evening. She said she heard a booming sound upstairs and when they ran up they saw smoke coming from the computer table where we had our computers and different electrical stuff and all she could have done was to get my older son to pull out a briefcase we have with documents. The fire started immediately and started to blaze. She told me she called the fire service, I excused myself from work rushed here I saw the fire service and the police dealing with the fire. It is a wooden structure and so it was completely engulfed and we lost everything. I think it is electrical, you know we were up in the attic this weekend me and my little son doing some vacuuming and there was an area I couldn’t go so my son told me he saw some wire like rat was biting the wire. We lost roughly about $45,000 with the house and everything that was in the house. My number 625-4237 if anybody wants to help us we have to start back from scratch but thank God we have life and where there is life there is hope.”