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Family claims police refused to take their statement following an attack upon a family member

A family in San Isidro Village in the Toledo District is alleging that Independence police has refused to take their statement about an incident that involved a member of their family since June 28. That person, identified as Jose Pop has been remanded to prison but the circumstances surrounding his detention, at least the family’s version of events, is not in the police records. A relative of Pop, Marcial Xol wrote to Love News about the incident and told us what happened late this evening and how they have been given the run around by some sections of the Police department.

Marcial Xol Family Member:  At around 8 o’clock the kids along with Jose Pop were at home in San Pedro village.Thats when the two guys reach on the bicycle: one with a machete and one had a gun. When Jose Pub saw them he tried to run away from them because according to Ms. Jaqueline Pop who gave the story when he tried to run to the neighbor house, he tired to come out from the house thats when the captured him. They strip him down and then one of them grab him from behind and the other one tried to tie him around his foot and his neck and then in front of the alley neighbors they began to beat him and even pointed a gun at his head and in his mouth and thats when the younger siblings were crying and were scared because they thought they were going to kill his brother. They manage to take Jose Pop away from his house and into the bushes towards the highway. Sebastian Cho and Allisia Cho find out about the incident and when they went to the Police station they asked the Police officer that was stationed at Bella Vista village. According to my mom when they ask the officer, the officer look jumpy and said he didn’t send anybody to capture him so it wasn’t the police that went to capture him so after being in the station there interrogating the officer around 15 minutes afterwards the other two guys arrived with Jose Pop tied up and bruised up all over his body with a rope around his neck. They took him to the Police station and the officer who was stationed at Bella Vista Police station told my parents and Jose Pop’s father to go outside the station and when that happened they allowed the person who had the fire arm, that went to Jose Pop and took him from his house by force. Afterwards since they didn’t receive any assistance at Bella Vista Police station my parents Allisa Cho and Jose Cho went to Independence Police station to see if they could get any assistance. Upon reaching Independence Police station the officers didn’t want to take any statement from them of what happened. After waiting there for a while, the officers came over arrived from Bella Vista arrived at Independence and they had Mr. Jose Pub in custody. Mr. Jose Pub according to my mom Allisa Cho told my mom that while he was in the Bella Vista Police station the person who capture him with a gun placed a bullet in his pants pocket; thats on July 2nd. We went to police, Provision standard branch to file a report to the police about the police allowing these two guys to do what they do and they refer us back to come Independence Police station because the matter was observed by two civilians. They assured us that Independence Police would take our statement and yesterday morning Jose Pop sister who is 15 years old went to the Police station along with her mom and the female take her statement.

When Love News checked with the Belize Police Department’s Press office, we were told that Pop has been charged for ammunition and has been remanded awaiting court proceedings. The department is unaware of the incident that is alleged to have happened prior to Pop’s detention and subsequent charge. Police say the family needs to file their statement so that the matter is further investigated.