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Family Court Fails to Protect Husband Despite His Requests

Oftentimes when we hear complaints about the Family Court it is women claiming they are being given the run around. Today Adolphus Barrett came to our news center to speak of his discontent about what has been happening.  Barrett said he went to the family court to get a legal separation from his wife and a restraining order.


“Yesterday I went out to do some chores, work as a matter of fact and I went back home and found the lady in my house and the window was broken.  Not only that but she went upstairs and broke up my doors, two doors – totally destroyed. I went to make a report to the police, the police said this piece of document that  she had acquired from the Chief Magistrate in the Family Court, based on that the police escorted her to the house and hence the destruction of my house. I didn’t see the document and when I went to the Family Court this morning to get my document for the legal separation and the protection order and I didn’t get it.”

Barret told us he does not know why his wife would want to come back to the house because he has been living there alone since last year December.


“She was adamant about her not leaving the house for a long time. She was living with her boyfriend for some time but it looked like it has gone sour so she needed to come back home and the strength of what I got my legal separation was adultery.  But I don’t want to live with her, I don’t want to be around her because she is very dangerous. If she could lie about me and told me that I pulled a gun on her, commit me to jail. After that she tried four different times to revoke my bail through the Supreme Court that I go back to jail and she was unsuccessful, thank God for the Supreme Court there is some credibility there but the Family Court I don’t see it at all.”

Barret said he took out two restraining orders against his wife. He said if the Family Court had given him his documents on time, the restraining order against his wife would have stopped her from entering and damaging his property. Barret says his next step is to head back to the Supreme Court.