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Family desperate to find loved one

As each day goes by, the family of 23-year-old Anisha Young fears the worst.  Young has been missing since Sunday morning following a staff party which she attended. Today, the family continued their search not in homes, but in desolate areas off the highway. Late this evening, they heard the police would have released Young’s boyfriend, who was detained for questioning.  They bolted to the Queen Street Police Station, where our news team caught up with them.

Sheree Salgado, Cousin to Anisha Young:Well we know after forty eight hours with nothing to hold him on he will be released but if he is the last person that they saw her with then they need to do some, we’re not saying that the police are not doing their investigation, we are working closely with them then they need to do more because if he was the last person that my cousin was seen with and they went home together why is he being released after forty eight hours. We know it’s his constitutional rights and everything but they need to come up with more evidence to put against him to hold him a little bit longer. We know that he’s a flight risk, we know that he has documents that he will probably leave this country so that is what we are here for today.”

The family is calling on those who are staunch supporters of the sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence to lend their support.

Sheree Salgado, Cousin to Anisha Young:We are very upset right now, only the families are out there searching. Yes the police had offered us two police officers but that is not enough. We need help, where is Dianne Finnegan that is for the youths? This is a 23 year old female.”

They will continue their search tomorrow.