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Family escape from Burning House

Dawn Hijinio, her common-law husband Eston Young and their two children live at #10 Pinks Alley in Belize City. Yesterday, Young left home to attend a court hearing, leaving his common-law-wife and their two children at home sleeping.  Love News spoke with Dawn Hijinio who said that it was a scary moment when she was awoken from her sleep by a neighbor and realized that her house was on fire.

Eston Young rushed home after being told his house was on fire and was thankful that his family managed to escape unharmed.  Young said the fire did not completely destroy the home only some of the contents which are worth approximately thirteen thousand dollars.  The family is seeking assistance and could be contacted at 605-3121 or 623-2711. Meanwhile,  another family was not as fortunate since their home was destroyed by fire. The incident happened in Seine Bight Village at about three o’clock this afternoon where a  fire destroyed a bungalow house.   Love News will continue to follow the story and have an update in a subsequent newscast.