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Family Escapes from Burning House

A family is homeless after a fire broke out at their home on Saturday night.  November 11.  Love News spoke with 62-year-old Ysusf Bilal who shared how he was alerted to the fire.

Ysusf Bilal

“Well I was in my bed sleeping and I woke up and I saw some light on the thing and I heard something go pop and that is what woke me up. So I opened the door and when I looked the refrigerator was burning. So I turned around and knocked on my wife’s door and I told her that there was a fire and that we needed to get out. So when she got out there she ran out crying. I told her to run by the door and the two of us were going to open the door but the knobs were hot. She opened the door and got my daughter.”

Bilal, his wife Beatrice Bilal and their 13-year-old daughter escaped out of the burning house with Bilal and his wife receiving minor injuries. Beatrice said she is thankful that the family managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Beatrice Bilal

“I say the fan probably stopped because I smelled like when the fan was burning. I didn’t pay it any mind. When I looked I said it wasn’t daylight yet but the room through my room it was like the sun it was red and it was hot. I said that it was fire when I looked out the fire was coming and it had a vengeance. I ran for the door but I grabbed my daughter and pulled and she dropped her phone. When I went to open the door the fire hit the metal it burned my hand. I opened the door I ran downstairs but thank God I was saved because maybe the smoke was gonna kill me. I understand now because it hit home, those who feel it know it. I have to get my Social Security Card, my birth certificate, everything but the beautiful thing is that God saved me.”

Assistant Chief of the National Fire Service, Benisford Matura shared what their investigations have revealed so far.


Benisford Matura

“At 11:30 Saturday night we got a call for a house fire on the George Price Highway near Brodies. Upon arrival, we discovered a wooden structure the upper flat was a house totally engulfed in flames. We dispatched both units and eventually, we dispatched another truck that we have here and we got into operation and we extinguished this fire. Upon conclusion and mapping out we discovered the fire was due to a refrigerator and we discovered that the motor for refrigerator had overheated and started this fire.”

Unfortunately, the house was not insured and the Bilal family was not able to save anything.  The Bilal family is now looking for help from the public to get their lives back together. They can be reached at 665-8625 or 621-6485 or 667-1939.