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Family Feels Jilted Following Not Guilty Verdict In Dangriga Murder Trial

A family from Dangriga is up in arms after a verdict of not guilty was delivered in a murder case that occurred in 2014 in that municipality. Correspondent Harry Arzu was outside the courtroom and has the story.


It was a dramatic scene outside the Supreme Court earlier today after the judge delivered a verdict of not guilty in the case of Garcia vs Garcia. On the 23rd of April 2014 Hansel Garcia, now deceased who was seventeen at the time, was on Castillo Alley at about 8pm that said night when he was shot to the back. Some eleven days after he succumbed to his injuries. As a result 23 year old Nissani Garcia stood trial for the death of Hansel which ended on June 23 of 2017. Today Justice HanomanSingh delivered a verdict of not guilty after he summed up the case based on the evidence presented. Attorney Tricia Pitts Anderson who defended Nissani Garcia told Love News that the conditions under which the deceased allegedly saw the accused were found to be poor such as the fact that the deceased saw the accused only for a short period of time; poor lighting in the area was also a factor. She also said that the court is of the view that the deceased might have wrongfully identified the accused. After the verdict was announced Love News spoke with the family of the deceased.”


So he was supposed to write the guy’s name for the ID picture. I didn’t even know about that because this is my first time coming to the Supreme Court for something so I didn’t even know that my son was supposed to write the accused name instead of his name. So the police should have been the one to know better to know that that boy was not supposed to sign his name on that paper after he identified the young man. So how could the judge use that? I cannot understand our justice here. This is why the same thing keeps on repeating and repeating. People try for justice no justice comes along, I know my heart is hurting I know it is aching but it is my right to talk. I know there will be nothing done from it but I will talk because somebody else is in my shoes. Somebody else is feeling the same pain I am feeling. Even the police because they are the ones most of all, this is how I feel and I believe that my son’s case was sabotaged because then you know come on there were simple mistakes that I did see at the time of the case. When you know the dates there were mistakes with the dates but the Bishop came and rectified it but I knew there was going to be something wrong with that I knew. Simple mistakes like this you are not supposed to make in a murder case.”


It was a trial without Jury.