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: Family of four loses home to fire in Belize City

A Belize City family also suffered from the loss of their home during a fire. The early morning blaze destroyed the home of a family of four on Jane Usher Boulevard. Kendra Smith and her siblings are struggling to find shelter, clothing and food. Love News spoke to Smith who said she was not at home at the time of the fire.

Kendra Smith Fire Victim: “I got a call around 1 o’clock. My neighbor called and told me that my house was on fire. I didn’t believe it, I wasn’t home I was in Belama. My brother and sister was home and well they got out safely just that.”

Sitnah Please: “Around what time did this fire occur?”

Kendrah Smith Fire Victim: “I would say 12 because around 1 o’clock when they called me everything was already burnt to the ground. They told me the fire start from my room and I didnt have anything left on in there when I left out so I don’t know but they told me that it could be an arson that somebody set it because we don’t have any other problem electrically there. I would just want assistance because we don’t have anything, everything got destroyed: house, clothes, food, nothing we don’t have right now.”

Smith urges the public to assist her and her family while they are most in need. She said she hopes to get assistance from the area representative, Anthony Martinez. If you can assist the family you can call 632-2626.