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Family furious at police's response in murder of Hattieville man

Yesterday, the life of 47-year-old, Clive Kevin Hyde was ruthlessly taken. Hyde was sitting alone at a bus stop in Hattieville Village, Belize District, when two Hispanic men allegedly opened fire in his direction. He was reportedly shot six times, and died on the spot. His family believes it was a case of mistaken identity, as Hyde is known to be a person who keeps to himself. His mother, Marie Shephard, had recently buried a son back in May, and now she has lost yet another of her 13 children. Shephard spoke to us today and recalled her last moments with Hyde.
Marie Shephard, Mother of Deceased: “He was right in my house sitting here watching TV, he was watching a Lifetime when my phone rang. So when my phone rang I heard a background with a lot of noise and I kept asking who it was. I then heard my daughter said “Granny Hurry send to call Junior because they shot up Kevin out there.” I told her no just tell me if it’s a lie, she told me ‘yes’. I sat down and said I’m not going but afterward I decided to go. So when I was going out there I saw the crowd. I didn’t get to reach there, they didn’t want me to get to where the body was so I just stayed and took it rough. Kevin just left a minute out here, he said he was going to go bathe and was going to get ready for work. So I told him ‘okay’, but he was making some tortillas and tending to the children and giving them their tortilla and hot dogs and he was running jokes and playing with them. He put on his cap and he said “I’ll see you.” and I reminded him that he had to fix his sister’s door when he came back. He said he would do it tomorrow and I said ‘okay then’ and he left. When I sat down it wasn’t even five minutes when I heard that they killed him. I couldn’t‘ take it anymore. Everybody knows him as a friend, he’s noisy, he’s friendly, he doesn’t have anything with anybody. So I feel it was a mistake and they took him for somebody else. Whosoever did it is not from Hattieville, he just came to kill; maybe they told him it was a security but he wasn’t sure which security he just saw a security and he killed, so it’s not from Hattieville.”
To add insult to injury, Hyde’s family is upset that the police took so long to respond when the bus stop that Hyde was sitting at was less than 100 yards away from the police station. They believe if the police had acted with more urgency, the killers would have been caught.
Marie Shephard, Mother of Deceased: The station there, the shed there, you want to tell me that from the time they heard the first shot they should have come out as a policeman, but you’re going to wait until so many shots were fired, until the person had died that is when you come out and the station is close ? So what kind of policemen are they? If they had got into that vehicle when the person had shot my son they would have caught him from the time he ran across the street or they would have caught him through the back because they could have circled, especially if they had two vehicles. So they are not doing any kind of job, how many people’s lives have gone like dogs? Look how many people have died, they killed Mr.Kite, nothing came out of it you understand me. They shot the little boy back there, nothing came out of it and the boy came out. They killed my grandson, he went like butter against the sun and nothing comes out.”
Among many relatives, Hyde leaves a son and a step-daughter behind.