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Family Home shot several times

Sunday night brought a downpour across half the country, including the Belize District. In the Hollywood area of Lords Bank, a former police officer was at home with his family, enjoying the cool night. But while the rain pelting the roof, there was a barrage of bullets that penetrated the walls. Love News went to Hollywood and tried to find out the motive for Sunday night’s shooting incident.

Jose Sanchez: “During the cover of darkness after 9:50 on Sunday night shots were fired at the home of a former police officer and his family in the Hollywood area of Lords Bank.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “As a result, they visited the residence of Mr. Ezart Anthony 57-year-old Belizean of that address where they observed a house with several bullet hole damages and also some of the kitchen utensils were damaged inside of the kitchen. What police has gathered so far is that Mr. Anthony was inside of his house along with his family members when he heard three gunshots. Upon making inspections on the house he realized that the house had received some gunshot damages to the wall and to the kitchen utensils.”

Jose Sanchez: “The family said they heard six shots fired, one of the bullets entered the building and went through a pot in the kitchen. One of the homeowner’s daughters says that no one was injured.”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “One of the bullets could have gotten the little one, the sister and then it was six shots so far.”

Jose Sanchez: “How many people live in the house?”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “Four.”

Jose Sanchez: “And luckily no one was injured.”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “Yes, luckily no one was injured.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you have any idea why they may have wanted to hurt your family?”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “I have no idea because my mom doesn’t give trouble or is known as a person to give trouble. I don’t expect anyone to but I don’t know why they did that though.”

Jose Sanchez: “Would you like to see the police do more patrols in the area?”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “Yes because what surprised me is because he was afraid to even go to the back of the house where all the action happened? He only went right there, did a little report and went on. They literally wanted my family to give them umbrellas so that they can come inside and do their investigation. The investigation did not even take long.”

Jose Sanchez: “What time did this happen, was this during the rain?”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “Yes during the rain at 9:50 pm.”

Jose Sanchez: “And you have a lot of dogs in the yard. Did they not alert you, bark or anything?”

Voice of Resident of home that was shot: “No, they didn’t bark, for some reason they didn’t bark.”

Jose Sanchez: “Though the family owns less than a dozen dogs it did not alert them to the shooter which leaves the possibility that it is someone who may know them very well. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

Up to news time tonight, no one has been arrested for the shooting incident.

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