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Family homeless after fire destroyed their home

Last night, a fire broke out at a house on Curassow Street in Belize City leaving a family of nine homeless. The family is at a loss as to how the fire got started since the house did not have any electricity. Love News spoke with 26-year-old Monique Dennison who said that she was asleep with her baby at the time.

Monique Dennison – Fire Victim

“I was laying down because when my kids went to buy food they slam in the front door. So I just heard somebody shout, “ fire the house is burning” so by the time I jump up and I come outside on the Veranda I was looking for where the fire is not knowing that it was my house the catch fire so all I do is run inside and pick up my baby and come outside.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“So you weren’t able to save anything?”

Monique Dennison – Fire Victim

“Nothing Ms. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing. I am a single parent, I keep to myself from since my dad passed away I take up the responsibility and take care of my little brothers them. Firemen were assisting to out the fire before it reached the front because it started from the back look like in one of the rooms at back the fire start because when I run out and I went back inside all I see was the blaze that already burned through to the wall.”

The Station Manager, Orin Smith at the National Fire Service spoke with the media about the fire.

Orin Smith – Station Manager, National Fire Service

“Arrival on the scene they found the Plycem structure fully engulfed in flames, they got into operation to extinguish that fire. The fire, preliminary investigation revealed the fire originated in the north-west bedroom of the structure. At the time the incident occurred we had one mother and her young child at home who were asleep at the time, they were unharmed as a result of the fire.”

Smith said that the cause of the fire has not yet been determined as the investigation is still ongoing. The family is distraught over the loss of their home and would appreciate any assistance the public can offer. Dennison can be contacted at telephone number 630-2725.