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Family homeless after house collapse

A father and his five children are now homeless after their home which was located in the Mayflower area collapsed yesterday. Love news spoke with the father who said it all happened just as he was preparing a meal for them.

Victim of Collapsed House: “I was providing some food for my kids on the table you know when suddenly I heard a little screech and all we could have done my son and I was to take to the ground. We tried to run out but same time you can’t run out because everything is coming crumbling down. I tried to run and take it low as we could, same way we were running, I am watching the floor of the house how it is coming so I threw down myself and my son. I just watched how the beam rolled and part of the beam fell and so and then a next beam you know and this is how we got saved you know, two of us. There were people downstairs like on the second part to, I heard them crying. I figured one of them was on the step or something. I just tried to peep and look at my son. He was alright and came .Everyonelse seemed to be good.  If anybody wants to donate or give me a little hands out, or they could supply or whatever you now, you can call me on my number at 602 4359 and we give thanks for the help you know. We try to provide our little food for my kids them. I have to send them to school and thing because right now to have to miss school nearly for a whole week. All my grocery got messed up, my little TV, my washing machine; everything fell and broke up so I just put those out.”

For those who would like to help, the family can be reached at 602-4359.