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Family Homes Burned Down

There are two house fires to report tonight.  The first is in rural Cayo.  According to police reports, on July 12, at approximately 4:50 p.m. police officers responded to a house on fire call in Georgeville Village, Cayo. The fire was caused by a child who was playing with matches.  No one was injured during the incident and the house was partially damaged, the costs of repairs are yet to be known. Another family in Conejo Village, Toledo suffered the same disastrous fate. Unfortunately this family suffered a bigger loss as the house was completely destroyed by fire. 34-year-old, Martinez Maquin told police that he left his home at about 2:45 p.m. and went to his plantation. When he arrived back at 3:45 he saw that his house was blazing in flames. No one was injured and the cost of repair estimated at around $2,000.////