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Family is Homeless Following Hurricane Earl and December House Fire

A family from Roaring Creek Village is seeking the public’s assistance after their home was destroyed by fire. We hear more in this report from correspondent Fem Cruz.


“Roaring Creek Police along with the fire department are investigating an early Wednesday morning fire in the village of Roaring Creek that destroyed the home of Phillip Reyes and his family. According to Reyes sometime around 3am this morning he was awoken.”


“At about 3am this morning I was sleeping and I heard the noise sort of like gun shots popping. I ran and peeped through the window and saw that it was a blaze of fire, the house I owned was catching fire so I alerted my family, my common-law and my mom. I ran out and saw my uncle and I tried to help him out the fire and see what caused it. We alerted the neighbors and they tried to help us, everyone tried to come help us until the fire engine came but it was too late, everything burned down to the ground. All our household items burned down. The house was valued at around $80,000 with all the household items in there. I tried to alert everyone who was living in the house, the reason we were staying with my mother is because the Hurricane came and we have still not recovered from that so we are still begging lodging at my mom but now the fire has come and has taken us all the way back to zero. My wife will appeal to everyone.”

APPEAL:  “I just want to ask anyone out there if anyone wants to help us with materials for the house, household items, clothes whatever you can help with, anything that you can help with my phone number is 601-9536. My bank account number is 41484 and my common law husband’s number is 625-1292. Anything that you can help with we would gladly appreciate it.”