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Family loses Everything in House Fire

Two years ago a family managed to save their home from being destroyed by fire; unfortunately, this time around the house was completely gutted by fire.  The fire broke-out sometime before noon this morning at #3 Allenby Street and now the family is left homeless. Lovenews spoke with the neighbor who witnessed the fire.


“I am a neighbor and this morning I was in my house when I heard someone calling my name, I came out and saw it was my neighbor. She was calling for help but her house was completely in flames. I’ve told her that they have called the fire department already.”

Ted Smith, the Fire Chief of the Belize National Fire Service, was on the scene as his team tried to extinguish the fire.

Ted Smith – Fire Chief

“At midday, we responded to this structural fire here at #3 Allenby Street. On arrival, we found that the fire was already advanced in the free burning phase so the fire was well developed internally and externally. We went into operation contained the fire and subsequently extinguish the fire.”

Lovenews understands that the homeowner, Thelma Ariola, was living at the home at the time of the fire along with her granddaughter.