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Family Members of Narco Traffickers Say the Men were Hunting

As the men continue to face drug charges, family and friends of five of them continue to speak up on social media and other platforms claiming that they were hunting in the Mountain Pine Ridge area and that they were merely at the wrong place at the wrong time. Edilberto Medrano’s sister, Lilbet Medrano, is one who have been very vocal about her brother’s arrest. She says that the men were not caught near the drug plane, and were not caught with the drugs. Police Commissioner has since said that the men need not be found with the drugs or near the plane to be charged. The sister has since responded to the Police Commissioner’s statements insisting that the investigators are not doing a proper investigation and had only rushed to lay charges on the men.

Lilbet Medrano, Sister of Edilberto Medrano: “They were not in possession of drugs. They have no knowledge of the drugs. They were not controlling the drugs these are three important words on my research that they were not in possession, they have no knowledge of it none of them, they’re not controlling the drugs but yet he’s accusing them and condemning them that they had something to do with the landing of the plane. These guys are hunters and I’m gonna say it over and over and over again. They’re hunters. There’s picture on media that they’re hunters. They have been hunters and he finally to a point accepted that yes they were hunters, he said it with his own lips after he said that they are not hunters. He said in one of the medias that yes maybe they were hunters in the past but on this particular night. Like come on you’re contradicting yourself.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: But he also said they were hunting cocaine.

Lilbet Medrano, Sister of Edilberto Medrano: “Exactly so how can they be hunting cocaine and facilitating of landing a plane, choose which one you want. It doesn’t make any sense to me like what are you saying ? You’re facilitating of landing a plane or are you hunting drugs ? Either one.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: He also said that they didn’t necessarily had to be caught in the area for them to commit the crime.

Lilbet Medrano, Sister of Edilberto Medrano: “Why would these guys go through a checkpoint, they finished their hunting they didn’t have any meat because not every time you go hunting you’re gonna catch a deer or whatever they catch. They go through a checkpoint you think if they would be helping the cartel they would go through a checkpoint ? If he says that they know the forest or the reserve area so good why would they go through a checkpoint ? Why wouldn’t they go through another exit if they would have anything to do with the drugs they won’t even go through a checkpoint. They wouldn’t even stop at a checkpoint they would fire at the police. They didn’t do anything they abided by the law, they stopped, they got searched, they found their hunting equipment you understand ?”

Police Commissioner Chester Williams debunked the claim that the men were hunting, saying that they did not find any wildlife caught by the men. He said all they found was the burnt plane and the over 25 bales of cocaine which tells him that the men were hunting drugs and not game meat. Medrano responded to the Police Commissioner.

Lilbet Medrano, Sister of Edilberto Medrano: “They go hunting a lot because they want to catch something so they would go hunting often but not every time you go hunting you’re gonna catch a deer. You don’t have to have deer meat or game meat to prove that you’er not a hunter. They had the hunting equipment and all those flashlights they’re not for them. All those things that he put there on the media the gauge guns you think cartels would be using a what you call these guns – my brother has the license for it, single shotguns you put one bullet you shoot you pump it you put in another bullet, why would cartels have these kinds of guns ? These are hunting guns. That’s the frustration that everybody has. He’s condemning them, he’s charging them for something hat not even the court has charged them for and he wants to put another charge like come on. It doesn’t make any sense and I want him to answer these questions and not with a question. Answer the question with a ‘yes’, with a ‘no’ or with a statement as a Commissioner of Belize answer the questions correctly.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: For the Commissioner of Police to say that these men were hunting drugs or hunting cocaine he must have some sort of evidence for him to proclaim that. What’s your response to that ?

Lilbet Medrano, Sister of Edilberto Medrano: “I want to know – I want the evidence. Everybody wants the evidence he has. He said in one interrogation they had with him he said “I have something that links them to the plane.” what is that something ? I want to hear. We want to hear it. Not me everybody wants to hear what is that something he has.”

As we noted, Medrano and five others will have their bail hearing on Friday while Corporal Eric Young will have his hearing on December 17.