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Family of Murder Victim Preston Reynolds sets the record straight

Preston Reynolds, a resident of Neals Pen Road extension was killed on Jane Usher Boulevard on New Year’s. However, earlier in the day his father Preston Reynolds Senior was involved in an incident with two women.  This led many to speculate that it was junior who was involved in the altercation and died as a result of the misunderstanding. Today Preston’s uncle Alvan Reynolds wanted to clarify that the misunderstanding between the dad and the women had nothing to do with the son or anything to do with his death.

Alvan Reynolds Uncle: Preston Reynolds Jr. was a very bright young man, he had his whole future ahead of him. It’s a tragic situation but with the way society is going at this time it is a predicament. The young man lived in the back of Jane Usher and it looks like they had a dispute back there so I really can’t give a clear answer to what really happened at Jane Usher Blvd. but what I am trying to do here is I am trying to clear the air because pertaining the death of my nephew there was an incident earlier in the morning with his father and two females and listening to the news last night it shows as though they are trying to tie the incident with his father and the two females with his murder but I want everybody and the whole city to know that there is no kind of comparison with what happened with his dad in the morning to his murder in the night and that is the number one fact that I want to state here. There is no kind of comparison, no connection nothing, what happened with his dad in the morning with the two ladies is an isolated incident, nothing ,nothing, absolutely nothing to do with his death. I know the youth all his life, I didn’t know him for being a troublesome person but of recent you get older and friends influence you and I hear a little couple things but nothing out off the norm. I did not expect for someone to come and take his life for that and I know the youth was going to school and everything, his mom was looking out for him everyday, when he is tired he comes and checks his father, his father is still telling him to try to do this and try to do that, better yourself so when I heard he got shot it was sad I didn’t expect it.