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Family Not Divided as their Loved one Remains Missing

Iver Neal is the 23 year old Belize City youth that went missing after he left his home on North Front Street in Belize City, last week Wednesday. The family believed his life was in danger and that was the reason they think he wanted to get on a bus to Punta Gorda to go stay with his mother. Today, the entire family, of cousins, aunt, grandmother and mother called the media to show them that they are united and not fractured as the authorities had insinuated. But more importantly to combat the rumor that somehow Iver was mentally unstable.

Iver Neal Aunt: “When they say the family we want him to be specific as to which family he is being specific to, the girls family or our family because there is no inner dispute between us whereby Iverson would just get up and leave, he has never done this. In regards to the allegations as well as the young lady she is stating that my nephew is mentally challenged or has some kind of issues. In order to make sure that people know that we were not trying to be biased I personally went and I spoke to his neighbors, I went to all his jobs and I personally spoke to them, me and my nephew and none of them saw any of this, they didn’t see anything wrong with him mentally, no changes in him or anything. Every tip that we have received comes right back to this young lady, we don’t know her, I don’t personally know her, they can speak on her because I don’t know her. When my nephew called me he kept on saying auntie something is wrong, he kept on trying to get in contact with Iverson and I told him when a person has a child and especially when after the mom has a C section that they are both tired and it is exhausting and to just give it some time and I kept on calling until they get him until all this came about. We were the ones that went, me and my nephew, we are the ones that filed the missing persons report here on Racoon St. After we got off the phone with the girl, after the statement she made to us I told him to get off the phone and that we are going to the Police station because she called him first, she returned the call and said “I don’t know what you all are looking for, take down the post, I don’t know why you all are looking for a missing person when he is dead”, she was talking to him and I yelled in the phone and I said “what do you mean by that, you said that you didn’t see him.” she said that Iver went crazy and Iver committed suicide. I was yelling in the phone at her and I am asking her “how do you know this when you said you haven’t seen him, did he call you, did he say that he was about to commit suicide, why didn’t you call somebody?” She said “I am only assuming.” but also when she contacted the mom, also when she contacted the dad she asked them too “do you think Iverson would hurt himself?” Why would you say that for, why would that be the first thing and everytime we talk to her when she did call nothing ever added up, it was one lie after the other, one lie after the other.

Iver’s brother: “Right at this moment we feel as if he is dead because we haven’t heard from him and that is not like my brother and for the police to take this case as something to just go around and say there is confidence and it is written in stone that my brother is crazy and we don’t have anything showing that my brother is crazy. After all how can my brother be crazy if he has been working in stable job as a security person for different companies.

Shamira Peters, Iver’s mother also made the trip from PG to Belize City. She had also held her own search party in the south for any signs of his body. She believes Iver is dead but she still wants answers from the woman who gave birth to his child.

Shamira Peters, Mother of Iver Neal: “My mom called me but I missed the call so I went to her and I asked her whats wrong, she told me that how Iver said that he is coming to PG and I asked her why, then she said because the young lady that he is with is sending boys after him and then I told her but they just had a child and she said that’s what Iver said. If anybody seen anything or heard anything please let us know because I just want my son to come home, if he is dead please just at least give me a hint or tell us something that we can find him so that I can bring him home and give him a proper burial because he doesn’t deserve that because first of all I don’t think my son has done anyone anything for them to hurt him because he is not that type of person, Iver is a loving person. I don’t know him like that and Iver has been here in Belize for so long and never get into trouble with anyone and to clarify something my son is not mentally ill. When I heard that statement and it hurt me so much because I am the mother, she is not the mother, I am the mother how can you say that my son is mentally ill from he was a baby when you only know him for a year.

If you have any information that can lead to the location of Iver Neal please call 653-5799 or 622-0029.