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Family of Arillee Young Says She was not a Victim of Domestic Abuse

As to the speculations of domestic violence the mother says that Perriott did not come across as being violent or loud. She says there was only one time when the couple was looking to break up but there was never violence. Ironically, she further added that if anyone would have been violent it would have been her daughter.

Reporter: Did she indicate that she was trying to leave Mr.Perriot or anything like that ? 

Ornelda Gordon, Mother of PC Young: “When they first came here I think they had one breaking up but then why was that breaking up –  he talked to me one day he just said ‘Oh if you wanted to know that I’d have to write a book and give it to you.’ and she told him right away ‘Guess what when it comes to my mom and my family you have to have respect or else I call the police and take you out.’ She said ‘I don’t tolerate stupidness from men because I am an independent person, I work for my money, I mind my own children I don’t ask anybody for anything.’ So she said ‘If you want to stay with my family that you have to do, respect my parents.’ that was the only time that he just answered me like that and then he was there crying and begging and telling me he apologized and from that day that was the only situation. That’s why I tell you my daughter would never been in an abusive relationship that anybody beat her that’s not acceptable in this family.”

Gordon goes on to say that it could have been a case of obsession. She said that Perriott did all he could to please her daughter. She says all she has at this point are speculations, but what she can say for sure is that she forgives him.