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Family of David Castillo Says His Dead Body has been at the Morgue for Almost a Week

Tonight, the family of thirty-two-year-old David “Frisco” Castillo is up in arms because they say his body has been in the morgue for almost a week. Castillo’s body was found decomposed on Sunday, August twenty-two after he was reported missing ten days before. Castillo’s family says that they have been getting the run -round from personnel at the morgue and are growing frustrated. His brother, Phillip Ramsey spoke to Love News about the situation.

Phillip Ramsey, Brother of David Castillo: “We are being pushed around to get the body of my brother to lay him to rest and it’s really getting frustrating because my mom stated to me that they told her on Monday. Then they called her and said it’s going to be on Wednesday instead. Then I called on Wednesday because we were not getting any kind of information coming from it telling us you know what yes it is released on Wednesday. So when I called the director Mr. Julian Cho he stated that – he apologized for the date that was given because he did not set it for any of those however he is personally setting it for Friday tentatively and then they will let us know if the date has been changed. Now today is Friday I literally had to call to find out are they going to do it or not and then to say I’m going to get to you this afternoon the police will get back to the family and let them know. I called my siblings and asked them ‘Did the police officer get in touch with you and told you guys that you need to be there for the autopsy ?’ they said no nobody called them. So now I personally called Sgt. Humes who is in charge of the case who stated that they’re not releasing the body because the science lab has not scheduled him for an autopsy. I was like but I was told otherwise. He was scheduled and why is it now being pushed back?  I understand that there is priority cases but his body is decomposed. Why is there a wait for almost a week after finding his body for him to be buried ? If it’s a decomposed state it should have been buried the day it was found at least that’s what I’ve seen and know of throughout whenever they find a missing person and his body is decomposed. Why is he still in the morgue. And I understand it’s now mandatory because it was a crime that the autopsy needs to be done. I am getting frustrated. Just give me my brother, I need to lay him to rest.”

Our newsroom understands that the delay of postmortems being delayed at the morgue has been an going issue..