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Family of Four Displaced by Fire Down South

The home of a single mother and three children was burnt to the ground over the weekend. The incident occurred in Cowpen Village, Stann Creek District on Saturday afternoon. Love News understands that nothing was salvaged from the 3-bedroom wooden structure. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports on the family’s situation.

A house once belonging to a family of four was engulfed in flames on Saturday sometime between 3:45 and 4p.m. The incident happened in Cowpen San Juan Village here in the Stann Creek district and reports here say that the family lost all their belongings and are now seeking the public’s assistance. Love News spoke with the chairman of the village Victor Juarez.

Victor Juarez, Chairman of the Village: “The incident unfortunately happened yesterday between 3:45 and four o’clock in the evening portion of the afternoon. I received a text one of the neighbor stating that the house was engulfed in fire and thereafter I proceeded to make myself seen and yeah when I got there the officers from police department were arriving to the area also to document the situation but at that time basically the fire had completely burnt down everything. All we could see were only the remaining portions of the posts and the since that was used for the roofing all the way to the ground so there was little or nothing that we could have done other than to just be there to try to assist. I know that a couple neighbors had tried using the buckets, their knapsack sprayers to try to keep the fire down but the weather was quite hot and it was difficult to just keep the fire down. She has actually lost her passport. The passport was burnt in the fire, work permits, children’s documents including Social Security Cards, birth certificates, any kind of identification that they would have was burnt in the fire. Her oldest child is a standard six students at our local primary school she was recently issued a tablet through a project from the Ministry of Education normally parents sign contracts for those, the tablet was also lost in the fire so I’m sure we’ll have to make the corresponding report and see what can happen from there. In the area where she is living that is a portion in the village that does not have electricity yet.”