Family of Four Loses Belongings in Corozal Town House Fire

Family of Four Loses Belongings in Corozal Town House Fire

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  • December 18, 2023
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A family of four lost all their belongings on Saturday night in a house fire in Venezuelan Site, Corozal Town. The fire happened around 1:30 a.m on Saturday Morning at Normita Centina’s residence. Normita believes that a fan in her son’s room overheated causing her son’s mattress to catch fire. Kendra Romero has the story.

Normita Centeno, Fire Victim: “I went to sleep and now I wake up and I have nothing. Everything that I have worked hard for it’s just gone.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: A family of four from Corozal Town is displaced and left with only the clothes on their backs after their home was destroyed by fire. The heart-wrenching incident unfolded in the wee hours of Saturday morning, just a week before Christmas. Normita Centeno and one of her sons were fast asleep when the blaze broke out at their Wakny Street home. She says she was awakened by the smell of smoke and rushed to her son’s room, where the fire started. 

Normita Centeno, Fire Victim: “I think the fan stopped working and it got overheated and I think from there the fire started. My son was sleeping and when he woke up a quarter of his mattress was already on fire and he panicked that he didn’t ask or yell for me or say “mom we have a fire.” because I saw the flame that’s when I came out of my room and I went there. But I got so frightened that I got a bucket of water just to out the mattress that was on fire but it didn’t help.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: Centeno and her son attempted to drag the burning mattress out of their home, but their efforts were fruitless. She says they were left in a state of shock and quickly scrambled for help. 

Normita Centeno, Fire Victim: “So we went out, my son and I, to pull the hose to out it but by the time we tried to go back in the other two mattresses were already on fire and all I could have done was just come out and scream for help for the neighbors for them to call the fire engine. I got lost for a while because I just ran from the house to the street.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: In less than half an hour, the home was gutted and reduced only to ash and rumble, despite the efforts of Cento’s neighbors to douse the flames.

Normita Centeno, Fire Victim: “That’s when we pulled out the gas tank, we managed to pull the washing machine that we had outside. My other son’s motorcycle that was beside the window that was everything we got to remove and we went outside on the street and we just saw everything was burning. The fire engine came and the house was already in flames.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: With Christmas fast approaching, the fire comes as a complete blow to the family’s spirit. Centeno is hoping that people can find it in their hearts and in the season of giving to assist them in their time of need. 

Normita Centeno, Fire Victim: “A house for us to stay, the community is responding good, their donation is coming in but we still need some other stuff and I know it’s hard because it’s Christmas time. I would like to do a sale so I can just get on my feet back but Christmas time around here it’s hard.” 

Kendra Romero, Love News: Centeno, her two sons, ages 19 and 21 years old, and her ex-husband lost all their belongings. If you are willing and able to assist the family, they can be reached at 673-1192. 

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