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Family of Francesca Matus wants answers, but police aren’t talking

The family of Francesca Matus is saying that Belize Police are being tight lipped about her murder. The fifty two year old Canadian was found strangled to death on April 30, 2017 along with her American partner, Drew Devoursney. Since the gruesome discovery was made no one has been charged for the double murder, even though Canadian, John Deshaies, was fingered as a possible suspect. Deshaies was charged with theft and burglary for allegedly stealing over $50,000 worth of electronic equipment from a casino in Placencia. He is now out on bail. The investigation is still open but the family of Matus say they are not getting any information from investigators. A family member told the Toronto Sun that police ‘won’t accept — or return — their phone calls, and offer only a shrug on who was behind the slayings that carried all the earmarks of a professional hit.’ The family member says that they do not believe that Deshaies had anything to do with the double murder. Matus and DeVoursney were discovered in a cane field in Chan Chen Village, Corozal.