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Family of Missing Belize City Man Say they Are Fearing the Worst

Tonight, the family of sixty-year-old Hildebrant “Ban” Gillett is seeking the public’s assistance in locating him after he went missing in June. Gillett’s family says that he was last seen in Belize City on Father’s Day weekend and since then he has vanished. They say that at the start of the pandemic Gillett lost his job and had begun to frequent the family home in the Port Loyola Area daily for a meal and when he stopped coming they grew concerned. His cousin Simone Williams says that Gillet’s brother that he was staying with in Crooked Tree Village had told the family that he reported him missing but that was not the case. Williams says that until recently when a dead body was found the family begun to take to social media in an effort to locate him and that’s when someone informed them that Gillett’s documents were found but he was nowhere in sight.

Simone Williams, Cousin of Hildebrant Gillett: “We found out that of course he lost his job and he wasn’t living at the spot that we knew he was living and then he eventually started to live with some family members of ours that live in the Seagull Street area. And then eventually they had decided that he needed to go back home to Crooked Tree to his family home and that was when he went there to his brother and his brother mentioned that the following day he left. This was around Father’s day weekend. Now he came by Father’s Day weekend, he was trying to get our attention and by the time we came out we saw him like up the street riding up the street but we already know that he come like five, six times for the day so we were expecting him to come back and he didn’t. Then the following week he didn’t come for that entire week that started to send up red flags for myself because then you know he’s the type of person that always comes by and now we’re not seeing him at all. So my mom contacted his brother on Crooked Tree to see if he went back home and he said he didn’t see him but a family member of his told him that they saw him in Ladyville barefoot walking in Ladyville. So after that we were trying to pressure our family member to make a police report considering that he was the last family member that saw him and they actually didn’t go to the police station until someone was found dead somewhere in the city and they just went to see if it could be him because it’s been now like three weeks at the time and it wasn’t and he mentioned that he made a police report but then  nothing came out of it. So every Monday I made it my business to put up a post on Facebook asking anyone if they saw him and everyone was just basically saying the same timeframe that they saw him. We had family members that came from the United States they were going around trying to see if anyone saw him or anything like that and nothing, no one had any idea where he was. Then someone mentioned to us that they found his documents so they sent me the picture of the documents that they found, they said they found it in front of Social Security which wouldn’t be strange because he’s sixty years old and he was trying to get his pension and he was working on that and I think he probably already got one or two payments already since the whole pension was approved and it was strange because I know that he wouldn’t be out there without his documents especially his ATM card because that’s the way that he would be able to get his money every month.”

Williams says that it has now been over two months and the family is now beginning to fear the worse given that Gillett had numerous health complications and his mental health was deteriorating.

Simone Williams, Cousin of Hildebrant Gillett: “We’re definitely worried. We’re still clinging on to the hope that maybe he’s somewhere with some friend that we don’t know but when we found his documents and you know it was then that I realized that he’s not out there without any type of finance you know ? He’s always that type of individual that makes sure he always has his money on hand for whatever he needs. So basically we’re worried. I’m at the stage that I do think the worst, I do think the worst and the family thinks the worst but I’m not going around saying that he’s dead you know ? I’m still trying to be hopeful and we’re just trying to get some answers. I’m hoping that with this at least it would reach more individuals more than what Facebook could have reached in order to probably say maybe he’s out there somewhere wandering, doesn’t know himself or something of the sort because like I said when he lost his job it’s like we could really see that his mental state was deteriorating and we were trying to assist him but he was always like here now and then he’s gone again. Watching him over the months and having conversations with him he wasn’t the usual Ban that I know so I know that he wasn’t all there, that’s the first thing. He is sick, he has many medical conditions. He had a sore on his leg that just could not heal that he often has to go to the clinic to get it dressed and stuff like that so basically none of that is happening so we’re basically worried because we know that he needs some kind of help.”

If anyone has seen or knows the whereabouts of Gillett who is a father of three the family can be reached at 610-3174.