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Family of Missing Fisherman Adam Menjivar Says They are Now Fearing the Worse

The family of the missing fisherman, thirty-one-year-old, Adam Menjivar says they are now beginning to fear the worst. On September one, Menjivar and his fishing partner, Luis Carranza, left Puerto Cortes, Honduras on a vessel named “Ashley” and were to arrive at Round Caye that very same day but they never made it. Since then, there has been a widespread search and rescue operation looking for the men but up to now, there has been no sighting. Menjivar’s sister, Ruby Jimenez who was one of the Coast Guard officers involved in the search, told Love News that she is now under the impression that foul play was involved.

Ruby Jimenez, Sister of Adam Menjivar: ” I am certain that he did leave Honduras because like I said he had someone there and she was the person to contact us and even in Honduras she went to the media so that the coast guard from that side could go out and look for them in their waters. So we know he departed from Honduras back to enter Belizean waters but the people who he was working with now they gave police a wrong statement and even when the Belize Coast Guard went there to ask about his whereabouts they said that my brother had arrived the Wednesday and went in to Mango Creek watching he never did. We at this moment it’s been – he went missing from the first of September that was a Wednesday. The route or the normal time that they take from Honduras back to where they were camping is usually four hours so we received this until the Friday two days later and so at this point we don’t know if it was something that he drowned or something went wrong with the people he was working with because they also said they had a little issue on the caye so it’s all uncertain to us.”

Reporter: Did they say what the issue was about ?

Ruby Jimenez, Sister of Adam Menjivar: “Not really. The persons that were there when the coast guard arrived when I went out the Friday was no longer on the caye and since then we have been contacting them because we have a phone number but they do not answer. Police already said that they would do an investigation on their behalf but we are awaiting that and also we took this time because as part of the fishermen community if anyone knows anything especially down south, if they’ve seen anything this is our way of asking them to please contact the family. Whatever information it could be for any reason they picked up – I don’t know because as fishermen they carried their buckets with their clothes and stuff if they see anything wash up please inform the family. We at this moment cannot say or know for sure if my brother is alive or if he passed away I don’t know. My mother she’s the one who has us believing that he will come back to life but it’s been twelve days now so I guess the probability of him coming back alive is less. So all I want is if they know something, if they’ve seen the body then just contact the family and that way we can know what we can do from thereon.”

If anyone has any information that may lead to the whereabouts of the father of one they are asked to contact the family at 621-7963.