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Family of missing man offers $5k reward

The search for 28-year-old Jamal Humes continues. Today his family, accompanied by volunteers and police began searching along the Faber’s Road area. His mother Sharlene Nicholas says they still have not been able to obtain any solid leads as to his whereabouts.

Sharlene Nicholas – Mother

“So far we have not any positive lead from since last week Wednesday he went missing. We are basically trying to follow all the tips of information that we’ve been getting but so far nothing has paid off. From since this morning after nine, we started a search here back at the dike, this is our first stop and so far no leads, no signs, nothing whatsoever. All we know so far as what people have been saying is that he went up the road on the Western road to assist someone who had broken down up the road. Where, how far up the Western road we don’t have a clue. Who he is, who they are we don’t know. That was the last information we gathered pertaining to him and so basically we are at a point where we don’t know where to look. We mostly get tips about this area behind the dyke here; that is most of the tips so that is the reason why we strike out and start with the dyke but we do have different tips that we get from up the road but up the road where we don’t know but at this point we are willing to start from eight miles coming down and we know it’s a big area; that’s the reason why we are asking the general public for assistance in assisting us because the more groups; the bigger the groups the easier because we will be able to split the groups up and assist in the search because we; if people are afraid to come out we have the assistance of the Police officers out here. We have officers with each group we decide to split up so they don’t have to be afraid to come out and assist because we have full assistance of the Police out here. So, if they are afraid they can still feel free to come out and try. I’m pleading and appealing to the public in coming out and assisting in finding/ searching for my son as the search will not only be for today. The search will go on tirelessly even it’s just me and my family until we have the discovery of my son because we need closure for what happened to my son. We need closure and basically assistance in the discovery of my son no matter what condition or what my son is or where he is I just need answers to where my son is.”

The family is also offering a five thousand dollar reward for information that can lead to the whereabouts of Jamal Humes. The identity of the person will be kept confidential.