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Family searches for missing love one

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating 28-year-old Jamal Humes who has been reported missing. ASP Alejandro Cowo, head of the CIB in Belize City said this morning that Jamal’s sister filed the report on Saturday, December 23.

Since Wednesday the 20th of December her brother Jamal Humes of a Fabers Road Extension address was reported missing. He is a person of dark complexion, about five feet nine inches in height, slim built black hair with a mohawk style. He was last seen wearing a faded sky-blue jeans pants and a blue in color t-shirt and a pair of black Jordan tennis shoes. So far, the police have received information about this person’s whereabouts, we have verified and conducted several searches within Belize City but up to now those have been fruitless.”

Hume’s mother Sharleen Nicholas told Love News that her son last visited her house on the morning of December 20th. Her daughter was the last person to see him. Nicholas says Humes’ girlfriend said she received a text message on Wednesday night in which he said he was going to help someone who had vehicle problems. That was the last time anyone heard from him. When he did not show up on Thursday, Nicholas said she immediately knew something was not right. She adds that Humes would normally inform her about his whereabouts and he had not done this since Wednesday of last week.

Sherlene Nicholas, Mother of Missing Person

“I still have faith and belief so I’m hoping he is still alive. However, my son is extremely asthmatic. He doesn’t have his pump or none of his medication with him so even if they have him held somewhere for some reason wherever they have him the dust or since the weather changes and gets cool it’s not good for him. So at this point anyway how they find him I just want answers because it’s driving me crazy. His friends weren’t gang members or anything because the moment your child goes missing its either drugs or they are in gangs. My son was not a bad child; he didn’t give me any information stating that he has been threatened. However, talking to his friends I understand that he was receiving threats. If it’s true or not I don’t know because he didn’t bring anything and if he didn’t tell me he would have told his uncle because he is extremely close to his uncle. Stuff my son tells him he wouldn’t tell me and I spoke to my brother and he didn’t give me any information that my son was receiving any threats as far as we know. True or false threats about what I don’t know. All he knows is that he witnessed a murder through Faber’s road in 2012 and he was a witness to that murder that is the only thing that we could think about.”

The family has conducted searches in the Dyke area and is following all possible leads. Police continue their investigation.