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Family seeking public’s assistance in rebuilding their home

A family is homeless after a fire destroyed their home in the Gungulung area of Belize City on February 18. The family has already started the process of rebuilding their home with the assistance of Hands of Mercy and the community.  However, the family is in need of more material to complete the house and is seeking the public’s assistance.    Love News spoke with Moses Sulph, a member of Hands of Mercy, who shared with us the family’s plight.

Moses Sulph – Hands of Mercy: ‘We are here today because we want to highlight the need of this family who has lost their home in a fire about two months ago. It is very challenging for them because presently we can see their house is incomplete and they have been seeking materials to finish the home so we are appealing to the public, to the Ministers out there, also to the different  people in our society and those who have a few resources if you can kindly donate material to this cause: zinc, plywood, siding, toilets, windows. Those sorts of things are the things that are necessary: 2×4 lumber and all of that are some of the things that are necessary so that the family can have a home once again. As we can see it is a big family and presently they are still in a situation where they have nowhere to stay than in a small building.”

Love News also spoke with Kirk Davis, the father, who is hopeful that with the public’s assistance, his family of twelve can soon have a roof over their heads once again.

Kirk Davis – Fire Victim: “It is not one home that was here, it was two homes: one was located directly behind it which was the triplets home. As you can see we still haven’t been able to start because we want to at least close in the downstairs. That is why we built it a little higher so that we can close in downstairs so that my daughter can have somewhere to call home again right and everybody can have a piece of mind again because right now we stay in the little family shop up front and that is just a 10 x 12. Like we said we need help, the fire took place on the 18th of February just after midnight. Everybody was fast asleep and if my wife did not wake up we would all have died because the house was set on fire from underneath where the kitchen and the gas tank is located and it was devastating.”

The initial structure was built by Hand in Hand Ministry.  For those willing to assist the family to rebuild their home can contact them at 651-6744 or 665-2940.