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Family Values Rally

What has been dubbed as a family values rally has been planned by the National Evangelical Associations of Belize, NEAB. Pastor Scott Stirm speaks on the objective of tomorrow’s event.

Pastor Scott Stirm – Vice President of the NEAB

“The leaders will be coming together from all of over the nation as well as people from all over the nation because we are very concerned about things that we see happening in the nation that is ultimately taking more steps towards the breaking down of family values which are the key to a strong nation and a strong society. It’s a statement that we want to make as well as one of our large purposes is for us to be able to come together and we’re going to agree together in prayer and I know maybe some people would feel that that is not a powerful thing to do but we know that when God’s people come together and to pray for the nation of Belize we are asking God to intervene. We’ve seen the government step forward in a very abrupt process of decriminalizing marijuana, our number one concern in relation that is in relation to children but this is not related directly to that we had it scheduled from in July. Family is the bedrock foundation for any society and the universal declaration declares that the family is the fundamental unit of society and is deserving of protection by the state and those are very powerful and important words and so some of the things that we see are happening we consider to be a step in the wrong direction in terms of family values and our children are not only our future they are our present and its something we feel very strongly about.”

The rally which will take place at the foot of the National Assembly Building begins at 9:30 in the morning.