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Family Woke Up to Gunshots Fired at Their Home

A family from Belmopan are concerned after they came under attack on Friday night.  Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.


“A family of three in the University Heights Phase 1 of Belmopan is devastated after their home and vehicle were shot at several times. According to the family they are trying to put the pieces together wondering who would want to send such a negative message to them.”


“At around 1:30am I was awoken by a loud noise. I was startled so I woke up my husband and we waited to see if we hear any other noise.  However we didn’t hear anything so we went back to bed. Bmp Shooting 1When we were getting ready to leave to go to San Ignacio around 9am Saturday morning we noted that the vehicle was shot three times and we immediately called the police. The police came and they found four expended gun shells and three were directed at the vehicle and one was on the house.”


“What is quite alarming to me is that we have no known enemies and so I can’t imagine who would want to shoot at our vehicle and our house. It’s just a family of three here and it’s quite alarming for me. I want the neighbors to be aware that this has happened and some of them already came here and spoke with us and told us that they heard the shots and we don’t want to tolerate this type of behavior around here so the neighbors are with us and we are now going to keep a closer watch on what is going on around here.”