Family’s Night of Horror: One Dead, Another Jailed

Family’s Night of Horror: One Dead, Another Jailed

The lives of an entire family changed last night as one member was killed, another jailed, and three others traumatized by the series of events.  19-year-old, Levan Aldana, was stabbed multiple times, leaving him with an eviscerated abdomen, and cuts to the neck and face.  It is a sight that his family will never forget.  Reporter Kendra Romero traveled to Biscayne today to get the details of what really happened.  Here is her report.

Kendra Romero, Love News: A young man is dead, and his brother-in-law is in police custody after a night of socializing turned fatal.  The two men reportedly began drinking at around seven o’clock last night, here in this house that they share with their spouses and mother-n-law in Biscayne Village.  Delvorine Baldwin, the home-owner, says the men were sitting on this steps drinking wine, but just before nine o’clock, they got up and went to a ranch, some quarter mile up the Philip Goldson Highway.  Little did she know that would be the last time she saw 19-year-old, Levan Aldana, alive; and that her son-in-law, Arthur ‘Turo’ Hill, would be the main suspect in this murder investigation.  

Delvorine Balwdin, Homeowner: “Levan and my next son-in-law were drinking right ? My son-in-law called Levan out of the room and told him come and they went in the room to drink. After that my daughter told Levan to come in and he said I’m coming in directly, that was like around 6:30. 7:30 I saw the door open so I said lock the door. So Levan said “I will lock it right now mommy.” because he always called me “Ma” or “Mommy.” So I came out the door was locked. 9:40 I came to get water because I was thirsty and I didn’t see them on the step, because my daughter said that they were on the step singing. And we went to check behind the yard nobody was back there. My daughter went to the road and she didn’t see them. Like five minutes after she heard a banging on the door and Levan – she opened the door and I was in my room when I heard my daughter scream. She said “Mom Levan’s guts are out of his belly.” When I came out I was opening the door and he said “Miss Delvo close the door f– door because he will come kill me.” He said “He’s coming to kill me.” So I closed back the door. Then after that I heard a knock but it was her and she came at the same time and said “Mom it’s me.” so I let her in and I was opening the window looking for the police and then he went on the ground and when my daughter was video calling his mom and she lifted his shirt his whole intestine was out. He had wound here [on his face] , wound here [on his right upper arm] and I think those were defense. So we asked him who did that to him and he didn’t want to say because he didn’t want to talk. So my daughter told him “Dead man carry no tales so you need to tell the police what happened to you and who did it to you.” and that is how he gave the person’s name and that is it.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: What remains a mystery is the motive for the homicide.  According to the ranch owner, Joe Casimero, he is pretty sure that the murder did not happen on his property.  He says the men were badgering him to drink with them, but he had declined.

Joe Casimero, Ranch Owner: “Yeah they weren’t at my house. They weren’t there long because from when they reached there it was after ten, eighteen past ten to be exact and I told them I was looking to eat and go to my bed. So he came inside and said well at least give me a little drink boss. I told the man I have a thing here in the freezer but I told him that is kinda flakey right now you need to let that sit down a little while so it melts down. Man said “No man.” and I told the man I’m going to my bed and said I’m not fooling with you Turo just like that I told him “I’m not fooling with you at all. Try to go home and sleep.” The man said “You don’t have anything else there ?” I remember saying “Yes I have a  beer in here.” and I said “Do you want the beer?” He said yes and I gave him the beer. He took a drink from the beer and gave the young boy the beer, the boy took a drink of the beer and the young boy gave him back and he said “no hold that when I’m ready for that I’ll take it.” And then they went back outside on my veranda and they started to talk about – he was telling that his girl  was tripping on him because she wants him to do what she wants and the next young boy was saying his one was tripping on him too because she wants her to give him -. So I was in my thing in my kitchen eating and I looked I heard silence on my veranda so I got up and when I looked they were walking toward the back of the pig farm. So I told them “What the hell are you going to do back there ? Nothing is back there.” they still continued going, about five minutes after I saw the motion light on my gate come on I looked and Turo was locking my gate.”

Reporter: Just him ? 

Joe Casimero, Ranch Owner: “Just him. He went. So well then I went outside and said I’d lock my gate. I looked to see and hollered to see the young boy but I figured the young boy was a head of him walking ahead. So I went and locked my gate and I went inside.”

Kendra Romero, Love News: Aldana and Hill lived with two sisters in the Biscayne home.  Somehow Aldana made it back to the house, but there was little help that he could have gotten.  He was seen with chopped wounds to the face, the neck and the abdomen.  According to Casimero, there was a previous altercation between the two men, but he would never had believed that it would have escalated to this.

Joe Casimero, Ranch Owner: “They had an incident a little while back where him and the young boy had a little altercation but the little young boy had moved and gone but the little young boy had just come back. That is the only thing I know because they had a little altercation the same thing again drunk and it looked like they were disrespecting one another and a little hard talk was happening and then the little young boy went. Like I said they left from my area normal. No hard talk, no argument. It was at night and it was quiet so if they were arguing along the way I would have heard and I didn’t hear anything.”
Kendra Romero, Love News: Hill reportedly handed himself over to Police late last night.  Reporting for Love News, I am Kendra Romero.

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