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Fantasy Five jackpot grows after prize remained unclaimed

The second the clock hit 12 o’clock midday the Fantasy five Ticket that was once valued half a million dollars now valued nothing. In the first draw of 2015, was held on January 3 and back then the jackpot was at five hundred and nine thousand dollars. But no one collected the winnings and after six months, the ticket is no longer valid as explained by Karil Wallace, the Public Relations Officer for Fantasy Five.

Karil Wallace – PR, Fantasy Five

Half a million to zero. The actual draw was at $509,000 on January 3rd 2015 that was the first draw for 2015 and it was actually the highest draw ever in Belize’s jackpot history. At that time it was won and nobody has come in to claim that winning as yet so what that now means is that six months has lapsed.  We give a time of six months for tickets to be valid, six months has lapsed and now we will be paying government 50% of that amount to the consolidated revenue fund and then the other 50% we will be dumping that sort to speak to our current jackpot. $254,500 and our current jackpot as we speak is $339,000 so now with that deposited it will be $593,500 come Saturday when we draw at eight. If nobody wins that jackpot on Saturday I don’t want anybody to feel that if nobody wins this jackpot that it will be gone, it won’t. We will continue to add to that our weekly increments as we usually do and that will continue to grow until somebody wins. So on Saturday the jackpot will move from $339,000 to  $593,500.00.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

“Then at that time that will be the highest?”

Karil Wallace – PR, Fantasy Five

“That will be the highest jackpot ever for Belize’s gaming history and I must say that we at Fantasy 5 and Caribbean Gaming Company we are proud to have an accumulation of that amount. It’s unfortunate that the person didn’t come in to claim their prize we actually had announcements out, we had mentions in our draws to have the person come in to claim their prize and unfortunately they didn’t and that time has lapsed so what my purpose today is to inform the general public of what we are doing, we are going about it the proper way, we are going about it the way the law stipulates when it comes to gaming and lotteries control act and we are doing our thing.”

The winning numbers were 07-10-13-27-30 and free letter “H”. Come this Saturday the jackpot will be worth close to six hundred thousand dollars.