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Fantasy Five Jackpot has a winner

Hattieville resident Norris Gillett is the winner of the two hundred and forty four thousand dollars Fantasy 5 Jackpot. We spoke to Gillett late this evening off-camera when he went to pick up his cheque. Gillett told us he will try to find a way to help the less fortunate.

 Fantasy 5 Winner: “It is the best feeling ever I am telling you. To come from nothing, not having  anything at all and to be wealthy is a very good feeling.”

Reporter: “So how long have you been buying Fantasy 5?”

Fantasy 5 Winner: “Well I buy now and again, when I have change I would take a little quick pick but non the regular I just started about three weeks regularly, every draw in and well for the first two weeks nothing really happened and I wasn’t feeling it but I got a little free ticket and the free ticket when I changed it I  didn’t get anything but I didn’t give up. Thursday I said I will try another quick pick.”

Reporter: “What does this win mean for you now?”

Fantasy 5 Winner: “Well a big challenge for me because this did not come to be easy. This is a vision that the almighty and I have to settle this. Without him, I don’t make any decision and this to help a lot of those people that are unfortunate. I know I cannot give hands out but I must be able to come up with some idea with the father to help out these people that need this.”

Reporter: “So back to work tomorrow or stay home and sleep in on a mattress of money?”

Fantasy 5 Winner: “Well I have to get back to work family. The plan, the plan, not just because I get this money that means I can haul back. The hard work still continues, I can’t rest at all, no rest for the wicked.”

Karil Wallace Public Relations, Fantasy 5: “The jackpot on Thursday was at $244,000 as you can see on the display check. After taxes, he takes home $207,400 so that is a whole lot of cash for him to take home and we here at Fantasy Five and Caribbean gaming company we want to congratulate him and his family on the win. Our jackpot had restarted, we normally restarted at $150,000 but out Jackpot has continued to restart at $200,000.

The next jackpot for Tuesday is 202,000 dollars.