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Fantasy Five Winner of $345k

There is a new Fantasy Five winner. Sisters Carla and Molly Rubio from Hokpins Village won the 345,000 dollars Fantasy Five jackpot. Love News caught up to the Rubio sisters when they received their cheque at Brads this morning in Belize City.

Sister Carla: ““I got some money sent to me from my daughter in Canada so I told my sister let’s go with me to Dangriga and that it’s not much right. I gave her $50 and I said we need to find a Fantasy Five store where I can buy numbers so we found a shop and then I picked my numbers and gave her $50 and I said sis buy your numbers. She said, No I don’t want to buy so I said buy it and I gave her $4. I said pick a number and then you get the other in quickpick and so she did that but before I left to Dangriga I said to my dad that has passed away February 17th and also my husband on the 13th right so it was difficult. I said, Daddy we are going to Dangriga I know you are here with me and I am going to buy the Fantasy Five please let us win it and I swear my Dad heard us.“

Molly Rubio: “I had my five numbers that I usually buy but then this one I won was a quick pick.”

Reporter: What is the plan for the money now?”

Molly Rubio:  “Well family, Merry Christmas, we are going to spend it wisely, help out my sisters and I have six sisters, we are all girls, seven sisters so we are going to use it wisely.

Karil Wallace Public Relations Fantasy 5: “After 15% tax that is taken out that would be like $51,750  and they will be taking home $293,250 and that is the take home amount for the Fantasy 5 for this winning of $345,000.

The Rubio sisters, who did not want their faces shown jointly take home $293,250 dollars after taxes.