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Family requests independent investigation into Ahmad’s murder

Meanwhile, the family of Fareed Ahmad held a press conference of their own this afternoon.  The family is not only requesting a full and transparent investigation into Ahmad’s murder. Additionally, the family is saying that they are still being threatened and have strong reasons to believe that these are being made by the very members of the department charged with investigating the death of their family member. This is why they are requesting an independent investigation into the matter. Here is how Fareed’s sister, Taheera Ahmad put it.

Taheera Ahmad

“There are three things that we need the public to be aware of and there is one thing we are pleading for form the leader of this country. To the leader of this country, we are asking for an independent investigation into the murder of Fareed Ahmad. We are asking for this because it is an outright conflict of interest of the police to investigate its own especially on a matter of this magnitude and under the circumstances. We are asking for this because for more than five days after the murder family members and work colleagues who worked up to two hours before Fareed’s demise have not even been contacted or interviewed. His own wife who said Fareed called her less than an hour before this incident asking her to prepare some food, she has not been interviewed. We are asking for this because yes there is a question of competence and trust and justifiably the citizens of this country will always harbor suspicions about this investigation and as the legal maxim notes, justice should not only be done but for manifestly and undoubtedly be seen and appear to be done. Secondly, we are asking for an immediate investigation into the mandate, operation and the scope of this SAT team. It is imperative, it is in the interest of justice, transparency and public confidence that this matter is looked into. It is not only coincidental that the commander of this unit is involved with ongoing instances with our family. Our family continues to receive threats on our lives, in fact, we have already made detailed reports to the police department about our concern for our safety and our lives. Even though the surveillance and intimidation is unwarranted we must say the family ironically is relying heavily on the same police department to fulfill its mandate to protect us. We are justifiably in extreme fear for our lives. We want an independent investigation free of police and prosecution manipulation especially because the same DPP is the wife of the commander of the SAT team. Finally, we are requesting transparency and an independent investigation into the execution of Fareed Ahamad.”

Family Member

“Why we believe his home address a relationship between Fareed and this female keep in mind there is no one at this point that came forward to the police station to give a statement giving a statement that Fareed and this female Michelle Brown do know each other. In reference to why we believe its more than just this female involved in Fareed’s murder is due to forthcoming information in regards to other members of that same SAT team having knowledge implicating themselves in text messages. Chester Williams was informed of those reports earlier today, he received a screenshot of those messages which show the number those messages came from which showed he was shown how this number linked to a specific member of that SAT team. What worries us at this point is the relationship between this specific member and the Commander of that team how it could compromise itself in regards to a thorough and transparent investigation.”