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Fareed Ahmad’s wife breaks silence

In December 2017, well known barber and football referee, 38 year old Fareed Ahmad was fatally shot while inside his vehicle in Hattieville. 24 year old Michelle Brown, a woman police constable attached to the Special Assignment Team has been charged for his murder. A motive for Ahmad’s murder has not been established. Today the Ahmad family summoned the media to Ahmad’s barbershop in Belize City to speak of important issues with relation to the investigation. For the first time since his death,  Ahmad’s wife, Irma Dyer, addressed the rumors of an extramarital affair.


“One thing I know about my husband is that he takes a lot of pride in everything that he does. His self-image, because of the business that he is in and one thing I can say with utmost confident is that that W comes nowhere close in what Fareed would look for if he had interest in that woman. She comes absolutely nowhere close to that so of course that was not even in my thought. It was disrespectful yes because even though after they had killed him there still trying to ruin his reputation by saying that he was having an affair with this woman. In terms of the BTL phone record there is not even one shred of evidence indicating that Fareed and this W had absolutely any communication. No text messages, no phone calls. Everybody knows that Fareed is a well know person. If he and this W had some kind of relationship, somebody would have come forward already and say look. I have seen Fareed with this young lady and they look kind of you know nothing to that sort.”

Abdus Ahmad, Fareed’s father, told the media that the family remains under surveillance.


“Last week Tuesday we received an envelope that was given to a representative of our family. That came from the Minster of Foreign Affairs, Honorable Elrington and it was not addressed to us. It was actually a correspondence from the Acting Head of the Special Branch to the Commissioner of Police and that correspondence was issued to us and that somewhat declared the issue with the Police and our family. It discussed that. As I said it wasn’t addressed to us so I don’t understand why after being promised an answer to our illegal detention which happened about a year and a half ago. We don’t get involved in foolishness and so and or anything illegal for us to be detained, be held up, kidnapped, harassed, detained like that we did nothing; surveiled and yes we are being surveiled and we’ve been informed that will continue for how long we don’t know but what I want to say is that we were illegally detained, immorally detained, targeted and detained.”

The Belize Police Department disputes that Fareed Ahmad’s death was a “state- ordered” execution.