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Fareed Ahmad was constantly followed, family says

Yesterday, the family of the late Fareed Ahmad hosted a press conference to express their desire for a proper, impartial and transparent investigation into his shooting death. Ahmad was killed in December of last year and WPC Michelle Brown was charged with murder. She was in the vehicle when Ahmad was shot. Many rumors and allegations have surfaced as a result of his death. A motive has not been officially shared with the media. The Ahmad Family says they are currently under surveillance.

Irma Dyer, Wife of Fareed Ahmad

“The night of the incident…..”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News Reporter

 Irma Dire held back tears as she recounted the events of the night when 38 year old Fareed Ahmad was fatally shot.

Irma Dyer, Wife of Fareed Ahmad

“My husband called me and we had a conversation for about five minutes and he was telling me that he made his report about the constant harassment and I told him okay we will talk about it when you come home.”

 But Ahmad did not reach home on the 20th 2017 Ahmad was shot and killed. Police say that WPC Michel** Brown did it. She was charged with murder and is currently on remand but what would be the motive behind Ahmad’s murder? Brown former part of the Special Assignment Team, a unit of the Belize Police department which Ahamd had previous contact with.

Irma Dyer, Wife of Fareed Ahmad

 “He was not doing anything illegal, if he had they would have arrested him and charged him already because he was under heavy surveillance and this was happening before I went to study. I mean sometimes we had countless nights where Fareed would mention things like this. He knew that they were looking over him and I for one I’ve seen a gentleman right over there not once, not twice more than three times where he had showed me saying that this is the person he told me  he was always constantly looking over at his shop and whenever its time close up then he would walk away. Of course I was concerned because I asked him “I said Fareed aren’t you afraid?”.”

He was not because according to Dire, her husband said he had nothing to worry about – he thought the surveillance would cease but he was wrong.

Irma Dyer, Wife of Fareed Ahmad

 “He was very angry. We talked about it. He spent hours telling me – you know what they did to him and ofcourse I felt so bad and it got to the point where he was asking me – he said “Irma I can’t figure out why they are harassing me.” he said “Irma are you playing with any of those officers.?” You know at first I said “Fareed you are being disrespectful to me.” but he said “Irma I know.” he said “but I’m trying to figure out why.” you know and so I realized he was not serious when he said that – but he was trying to figure out and he said he said “you know what Irma- ” and this was not the first time he said it but at that point I realized he was under a lot stress. He said “babes if anything should happen to me on this road going or coming from work -” he said “don’t be surprised if the Police are involved.”

Hours before he was killed Ahmad filed a complaint against members of the Special Assignment Team leading many to speculate that his death was a state-sponsored execution. Was it?

Abdus Ahmad, Father of Fareed Ahmad

“We don’t believe that, we don’t support that but we do have our belief that this was from that team or some group. We don’t believe that the girl herself initiated the action. Oh well to murder she was the one who was being charged. She was the one that was with him but to say that she had something against him or with him we don’t support that.”

Ahamd does support the idea that his family is placed on a watch list.

Abdus Ahmad, Father of Fareed Ahmad

“They said in no uncertain terms ‘yes’ that what they said – we are convinced of that and we are convinced that that’s been the case long time but if we are on a watch list why did they target Fareed?”

That is one of the odd questions that the Ahmad family cannot get an answer to. Reporting for Love News Hipolito Novelo.