Farmer Assaulted and Vehicle Stolen in Agua Viva Invasion

Farmer Assaulted and Vehicle Stolen in Agua Viva Invasion

A farmer was assaulted yesterday after four men trespassed on his property, demanding the keys to his vehicle.  The incident happened at around nine o’clock last night in the Agua Viva area, just off the Hummingbird Highway.  The victims were not seriously injured, but their 2014 Toyota Hilux was stolen.  Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with Jericho Pershing who was the victim of last night’s invasion.

Jericho Pershing, Victim: “Our cattle were out of water and we were fixing the water pipe on the road side here around close to nine o’clock and we were just about done and then I turned my back and I see like four men they walked there but at first glance I thought they looked like BDF.”

Fem Cruz, Love News: So they camouflaged down ? 

Jericho Pershing, Victim: “Yeah they were camouflaged but then I thought it was BDF so I started to – we realized that it wasn’t BDF, that they only looked like BDF. So they came with their, for sure I saw a 9mm, what looked like a pump 12 sawed off and they came and made us lay down flat on the ground and hit us a lot and made us tell them where we had our Hilux keys.”

Fem Cruz, Love News: Two of you were there ? 

Jericho Pershing, Victim: “Yeah the two of us they knocked us up bad. As yu can see right here. They looked for the key and they never found it. They came back and told us we lied to them and that they would kill us if we didn’t tell them where the keys were. So I explained to them good where the key was in the truck. So one of the guys ran inside and opened the gate and he found the key and took the trailer from the truck because it was connected since we just came from Spanish Lookout. He took the trailer from the truck and he turned around and took off but he took off the opposite way from those guys, the three of them were there. One guy took off with the truck this way. But those guys didn’t know what happened because he never told them what he was doing. So they started to say the guy left them and they got a little nervous and like that a few minutes they took off running from the way they came and he took the truck in the opposite way. So they went that way and the truck went the other way.”

Fem Cruz, Love News: Did you see any suspicious movement earlier before ? 

Jericho Pershing, Victim: “Yes there was a motorbike that passed like three or four times back and forth. I thought about it but you know people pass everyday but usually not that late at night but I never really thought. But I think that was the man who was seeing what was the situation, see what they were going to do. Spying.”

As Pershing mentioned, in an interesting turn of events, three of the robbers were left behind after one of the robbers took the Hilux truck and drove off.  As for the Pershing men, they were tied up, but were able to free themselves after the robbers left.

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