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Farmer killed in Tragic RTA

A man from the Toledo district was killed in a tragic road traffic accident. The victim was identified as a San Marcos Villager, Francisco Sis. Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung spoke to the officer commanding the Toledo Police Formation who says they have their suspect.

Paul Mahung: “A fatal traffic incident yesterday evening claimed the life of villager of  the Toledo District. Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Francisco Arnold spoke to Love news.

Superintendent Francisco Arnold: “On Monday 12th November 2018 at 6:05 AM Gregorio Choc 46 year old self employed of San Felipe District was driving his Ford Ranger pickup, license plate Toledo C- 699 on the Punta Gorda San Antonio road traveling from down area enroute to Punta Gorda Town. Upon reaching between miles 12 and 13 on the Punta Gorda San Antonio road he knocked down a man later identified to be Fransisco Cis. A 57 year old farmer of San Marcos village who was crossing the highway from the left hand side to the right hand  side of the highway when traveling down from the highway to Punta Gorda. According to Mr. Choc he was blinded by the high beam of an oncoming vehicle which was traveling from an opposite direction and hence he was unable to see what was or who was passing the highway. The victim was hit by the left front bumper of the pickup and fell on the middle of the highway where he apparently succumbed to his injuries. Police visited the area, processed the scene and transported the body of Francisco Cis to the Punta Gorda morgue where it awaits a post mortem examination.”

Paul Mahung: Any charges so far in connection with the incident?

Superintendent Francisco Arnold: “At this moment it has it has not been levied yet but during the course of the day charges will be levied against the driver Mr. Gregorio Chuck. Drivers are reminded that vehicles approaching each other at nighttime with high beam lights on have been a contributing factor to several night hours traffic accidents in this district. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”

46 year old Gregorio Choc was charged with manslaughter and other related charges at the end of the day.