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Fatal Accident on Highway

There was fatal accident four miles on the Northern Highway in an area near Fen Lan Company. This morning after leaving the Eruption nightclub on the Northern Highway, two friends 25 year old Michael Andrew Young and 38 year old Evan Gillett were returning to their homes in Belize City. The friends had left in a red Saturn Vue which belonged to Young’s mother, but on the return trip Gillett drove the vehicle.   Gillett collided into the first metal lamp post at the center of the road at mile 4. The police responded to the scene at 4:15 this morning. where they found the vehicle extensively damaged, and inside the Saturn Vue they saw Young, unresponsive and Gillett, bleeding from an injury to the face. Gillett and Young were taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where Gillett was treated for head and body injuries and Young was pronounced dead on arrival.  The vehicle was moved to the Belama Police Precinct.  Sources close to Love News tell us that Gillett refused to issue a specimen for testing, however, he was served with a notice of intended prosecution.