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Fatal Accidents Raise Safety Concerns

Dangriga Police have expressed concern following an increase of traffic incidents within their jurisdiction. Harry Arzu has more in this report.

“Another person lost his life as a result of injuries sustained from a road traffic accident that occurred on Wednesday night on George price drive here in Dangriga. Superintendent of Police Leslie Wade tells us more about this incident and others.”

Superintendent of Police Leslie Wade

“The 10th of November we saw two fatalities, first one was at 6:15 and that was almost to the junction between miles 11 and 12 on the Southern highway. We had two persons that lost themselves, Ms. Myrna Vasquez and Mark Leslie. With that accident we have recently yesterday just charged Mr. Delmar Ortega with two counts of Manslaughter. Also on the 10th of November at about 7:15 we also had the death of Mr. Hubert Lucas, again BDF soldier, Mr. Donald Enriquez has been charged. He was also charged with Manslaughter by negligence, driving without due care and attention and failure to stop and render. Again on Wednesday November the 22nd at about 2:45 pm we had one Kane Curr and Henry Thomas who on a Motorcycle, this is corner George Price Drive and Ecumenical Drive and they were heading out of town where a Grey Mitsubishi Montero driven at the time by one Antonio Flores 90 years swerved into Ecumenical drive and they hit into the rear part of the Mitsubishi Montero. They received serious injuries and were transported to Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they are still admitted to the ward.  Mr. Antonio Flores was served with a notice of intended prosecution. That matter is still under investigation. Then also we have on Wednesday the same 22nd of November at about 9:45 pm just where the same incident with Mr. Donald Enriquez took place between mile 1 and 2 on the George Price Highway we had one Mr. Alexander Zuniga who was along with his girlfriend and Delone Castillo in that vicinity on their bicycle when they were hit by one Brandon Curr on a Motorcycle within that same vicinity. Delone Castillo and Brandon Curr were taken to the Southern Regional Hospital along with Alexander Zuniga however because of Mr. Alexander Zuniga’s condition he was transported to KHMH at about 2:53 AM on the 23rd and the following morning he succumbed to his injuries. Ms. Delone Castillo and one Brandon Curr was released. At present Brandon Curr has been served with a notice of intended prosecution. That matter is also under investigation.”

Reporting for Love News from Dangriga I am, Harry Arzu