Fatal Road Traffic Incident Claims Four Lives in Orange Walk

Fatal Road Traffic Incident Claims Four Lives in Orange Walk

The northern part of Belize is mourning several persons who lost their lives over the weekend. The first tragic incident claimed the lives of three adults and one toddler from Trinidad Village, Orange Walk District. The crash involved two pick-up trucks that were traversing San Antonio Road around eight o’clock Saturday night. Reporter Giovanna Moguel headed up north to get more details. Here is what she found out. 

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Tragedy struck the Tillett family from Trinidad Village in Orange Walk District when a fatal road traffic incident in Yo Creek claimed the lives of four of their loved ones. Twenty-eight-year-old, Aldair Tillett, twenty-seven-year-old, Felicia De La Fuente, eighteen-year-old Janina Tillett, and four-year-old, Alisha Tillett, were all killed in the incident, which occurred just after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. Aldair was reportedly driving his Ford Ranger with his common-law wife, Felicia, their daughter Alisha, and Aldair’s sister, Janina, as passengers. In the opposite lane, Byron Tillett was driving a black Ford F-150 pickup. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, explains… 

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer: “Initial investigation revealed that the driver of the Ford Ranger was seen trapped in his vehicle along with three other passengers, members of his family. It was revealed that the pickup was driven at the time by Aldair Tillett 27 year old accompanied by his wife Felicia Delafuente, their 4 year old child Alisha Tillett, and Gianina Tillett 18 years. The driver of the other vehicle was found out to be Byron Tillett 35 years and he was accompanied by Alexis Neumes 35 years. We know that Byron and Alexis were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where they were listed in a critical but stable condition. From what the investigators have sent so far they’re saying that one of the driver may have lost control of his vehicle. We would know that after the motor vehicle inspector has done his part and then we would be able to answer that with a more definite conclusion.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The collision was so severe that Aldair and his passengers died before they could get to the hospital. First responders rushed to the scene, but they were unable to save the four individuals. The family’s heart is left shattered as they never expected this to have happened. The family’s matriarch, Angelica Tillett, says that they had finished eating lunch that afternoon and decided to go to town. The last time she saw her children was around five o’clock the evening.

Angelica Tillett, Mother of Deceased: “He ate right here on my table at 3 P.M that evening. Afterwards he went and said to my next daughter “Gorda te alisa pa las quatro y veinte I’m coming for you.” and that was his last word I heard. I saw him because he goes every Saturday to pick up his wife at Orange Walk and they do their shopping, take my baby to the park and come back but that evening I don’t know maybe the wanted to go to Botes because they go love to go there to eat ceviche from Botes they just go take my daughter in law come from Botes. That happened so quickly I don’t know how it could happen.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the local community and the loss of four lives has left their sister, Shanini Tillett in utter disbelief. She says she was at a football game when she received the call about the tragic news.

Shanini Tillett, Sister of Deceased: “And we sat all at the table the four of us but I didn’t think it would have been the last day we would meet my brothers and I will miss that day because we go out, we go to the ranch, we go to Indian Church all of us will go in the pickup or in the van we will be packed up but we would go all because we go like a family. My sister is not here. She was everything for me. She gave everything, I asked her for help and he said yes “Can you help me ?” “Yes.”. My brother we’d say to him “Gordo”. Gordo here Gordo there. He was a kind person. He likes to play a lot with us. We fight and everything but we’re playing but we’re together there fighting and playing.”

Giovanna Moguel, Love FM News:  As the Tillett family mourns the loss of four lives, they continue remembering them through possessions left behind. Aldair was a cañero and his truck remains parked at his parents’ house, waiting for its next delivery run; and Janina’s many plants are now in her mother’s care – each representing the things the Tillett siblings were passionate about.  

The family is currently making funeral arrangements. Aldair had just purchased cement blocks he planned to use to build his house, but those blocks are now being used to construct the tomb where they will be laid to rest. Giovanna Moguel for Love News.

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