Fatal Shooting Rocks Rural Belize: Young Resident Malcolm Reynolds Murdered

Fatal Shooting Rocks Rural Belize: Young Resident Malcolm Reynolds Murdered

A resident of rural Belize was gunned down last night on his way home. The victim, 27-year-old, Malcolm Reynolds, was targeted as he stood under a bus shed, hoping to hitch a ride to his Lemonal home. The Police are still looking to establish a motive for the homicide, but initial speculations are that Reynolds may have been killed as a result of a feud that sparked from a chopping incident over the Easter weekend. We join Reporter Vejea Alvarez for a look into this latest murder.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: 27-year-old Malcolm Reynolds is dead after a fight over the weekend is believed to have sparked a feud between two groups from the Belize River Valley. The Lemonal Villager was gunned down on Thursday night at a bus shed near the Boom Junction with the Philip Goldson Highway. Reynolds was hitchhiking when he was targeted by men in a dark colored SUV. The construction worker was shot several times in the chest and died on the scene. His mother, Cherry Anthony, says she was at home awaiting his arrival when she got the call. 

Cherry Anthony, Mother of Deceased: “Someone called me and told me and said they shot up Juice. So I know he was at home here so I told them no. So I hollered for him and he answered so the person said “Where is Malcolm ?” I told them “Malcolm went to work.” so after that the person went off. So I told the father you have Malcolm leave out 5:30 and catch the bus that is en route to Belize City that comes out seven but they knock off five so they come home earlier, they catch the bus from the main then they hitch ride come in. So I told the father to call the bus see if Malcolm is on the bus and when they called they said he was not up there so we said it was him.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Police say someone exited the same vehicle that had dropped Reynolds off and shot him dead. But his family says that wasn’t the case. According to his mother Reynolds got a ride to the shed from a coworker after missing the village bus. 

Cherry Anthony, Mother of Deceased: “The person that he works with dropped him at Boom Cutoff then he was to catch another bus from there that goes to Bermudian Landing, Willows Bank, Double Head and I don’t know if he missed the bus I don’t know what I can’t say. Malcolm was a cool guy, loving, you could get him to do anything. Liked to dance. He was cool, to me.” 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Reynolds is believed to be one of the men involved in a brawl at the Castleton Race Track on Easter Monday. Police believe the incident may have sparked an attempt on a man’s life in Burrell Boom Village on Wednesday and last night’s murder. But why are the men at odds ? Reynold’s mother says she doesn’t know why but told us that the feud has been going on for some time.

Cherry Anthony, Mother of Deceased: “He was there but I don’t think he was involved but this thing is a rival thing with some guys from Bermudian Landing and Double Head. Anywhere they meet those guys fire they’re always bothering them so the children can’t go anywhere because if they meet one “Unu noh wah set it up now ? Only you’re here, only two of you or only one of you ?” So I used to tell them to stay home don’t go but you know they love their little Cricket where we play our little sports so they usually go and when they go they keep bothering them that is the only thing I know about.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Police had charged one man for the brawl in which one person was chopped and stated that they were working to cool the tensions. However Anthony believes the cops aren’t doing enough and called on the Commissioner of Police to look into the matter.

Cherry Anthony, Mother of Deceased: “Like the police too I want Mr.Chester because you have Bermudian Landing Police station, you have Burrell Boom and you have Ladyville. When any little things like fight or so all that they pick up is Lemonal and they leave the rest of guys there they don’t pick them up. So that is the problem right there. To me I want to say well they’re riding with the boys because then I think they are peacemakers so you should bring them together and solve this problem not pick up one set and the rest.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Anthony says that while her son’s murder has caused her so much pain she will be leaving justice in the hands of police and vengeance in the hands of the lord.

Cherry Anthony, Mother of Deceased: “All that I have to tell their mothers, whosoever, they chanced my little boy because I think they should have dealt with them when the crowds was together not only him alone. And I serve that God up there and there is no way I will get my satisfaction from up in heaven. Same way how I feel they will feel later on because all of us have to die. This world is round.”
Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Notably two years ago Reynolds was stabbed during an incident at a cricket game in the Belize River Valley area.

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